Service 4


CEMTEK’s focus in the Elevator and Escalator Industry is as a supplier of replacement components for obsolete drives and other specialty and safety products needed in the industry. We will continue to fully support all CEMTEK controllers in service to industry standards including replacement parts, programming, and technical support, and we will maintain ongoing support for other controller products as we have in the past. This will allow us to continue to utilize the wide range of experience CEMTEK personnel have in the vertical transportation industry.

Elevator Control Engineering:
Power Module Types.
The following can be selected as power modules.
1- Hydraulic direct.
2- Hydraulic in star-delta starting with - without soft start device.
3- Single-speed.
4- Two-speed.
5- Three-phase current regulation.
6- Frequency inverter.
7- Hydraulic with frequency inverter.
8- Frequency inverter with DCP control.
9- Frequency inverter with CAN control.