Müşterilerimizin memnuniyeti

Müşteri memnuniyetinin, şirketimizin en önemli hedefi olduğu bilincindeyiz.


Müşterilerimizin ürün ve hizmetlerimizden beklentilerini doğru tespit edip, beklentilerinin üstünde bir hizmet sunmaya çalışmak ana hedefimizdir. 

Cemtek is responsible for the customer’s experience with us. We do not pass you off to others or avoid tough challenges. Every time our customer interacts with us they know that there is someone who is responsible on the other side.

At Cemtek, our staffs always have ownership of their tasks. 

Customer service isn’t just something we talk about. We make the effort to directly communicate with our customers and that’s how we can give the best service in this industry.

At Cemtek, we respect our coworkers and give them honest feedback, and we listen to others the same way.

Reliability isn’t just something we say, it is something that we show our customers by rigorous, consistent inspections and testing.

At Cemtek, not only we test our products before they are delivered, we challenge each-other to ensure that we focus in the right direction and the right targets as a team.

Cemtek has constantly developed the products and processes that ensure you have the right product for the job, at the right time and the right price.

At Cemtek, quality isn’t a static concept, it is a journey that we continuously move upon in every department in our company.