SIDOOR AT40 and ATD400V for elevators




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About SIDOOR - What is SIDOOR?

The SIDOOR product series is a door control system mainly for operation of sliding doors as well as lifting and roller doors. SIDOOR door drives are drives for doors and gates in various areas of application.

What is a door control system? Door control system is the general term for the controller of an access system. Door control systems are characterized by the fact that there are always two defined states, namely for the open and closed positions of the door. The door is always controlled between these two positions in accordance with the guidelines of the respective application.

SIDOOR for elevators The SIDOOR door control systems for elevators are intelligent solutions that allow the opening and closing of car and shaft doors with adjustable speeds, accelerations and forces.

Customer benefits • The controllers are optimally configured for their areas of application. With SIDOOR, doors are always checked and controlled in an application-specific manner. • Our intelligent system solution calculates the optimal drive characteristics for a door automatically, and ensures that these are continuously maintained – in accordance with the guidelines of the application.

• The entire commissioning process requires just the push of a single button. In a defined learn run, the door system independently determines the values for the door width, the dynamic mass to be moved and the drive direction of the geared motor, and stores this data in a nonvolatile memory.

• The screwless enclosure concept, with pluggable terminal connections, allows the device to be opened and closed without tools, thereby reducing installation times.

• The system's reliability, ruggedness and long-term precision minimize the need for maintenance and repair work. Obstruction and belt tear detection provides more safety.