Corporate Culture

We are pleased to provide you with a brief introduction to our services. With our current staff of technical personnel we can bring you an abundance of hardware and software design expertise. Our technical personnel; hardware engineers, software developers, mechanical engineers and technicians are specialists in their areas, ready to step in and meet your engineering services needs quickly and effectively.

Confidence in an engineering firm must be earned. Our past customers can provide you with insight into our credentials.

A list of references can be made available at your request.


Our Capabilities

CEMTEK has an average of 25+ years experience in hardware and software development. End-to-end solution delivered from highly experienced professionals. Fields of experience include consumer, military, automotive and industrial applications. The result of having experience in different industry segments produces a cross pollination of ideas that can be beneficial to your designs. We offer complete design services, and therefore are in position to provide any portion of your design needs that may occur. The company provides fullstack platforms including embedded design and development, middleware systems and user platforms containing enterprise systems. We are an innovation company focused on IoT and Smart Modules. Our services can be provided at our facility, or at yours. Our capabilities consist of, but are not limited to the following:

Software Development

Systems Design and Specification Embedded Development Enterprise Applications Real Time Applications Distributed Systems Wireless Communications Process Control Data Communications Automated Test Equipment Verification & Validation Process Automation Real Time Systems MMI & HMI Test Plans

Hardware Development

Feasibility Studies Circuit Design Product Specification (Features & Function) Printed Circuit Layout & Documentation Prototyping Production Engineering & Documentation Value Engineering Special Test Equipment Competitive product analysis Real Time Systems Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Manufacturing  Automated Testing Mechanical CAD Data Communication Control Systems RS422, RS232, RS485 Communications Power Electronics High Speed Digital Circuits Analog Circuit Design RF circuit design.

Product Development

Concept Definition Technical Requirements Definition Harware Development Software Development Embedded Development Front-End Development Back-End Development Industrial Design Mechanical Enginnering Prototyping Testing.

Language and Tools Available

Our experienced team can help you by using the following languages and technologies C/C++ Java SE/Java EE Spring Framework Spring Boot AWS and Microsoft Azure Cloud Native Applications SaaS and PaaS .Net C# Linux Software/Tools Yocto, Ltib, Buildroot OS Development Several Microprocessor and Microcontrollers Programming including NXP Freescale iMX ST STM32 Renesas Synergy / RL78 TI MSP430 Microchip PIC MFC Microsoft Windows ™ Tools Phyton Shell Scripting RTOS OpenSSL.

ATLAS Space Operations Core Values



Why Employee Ownership Matters. Employee ownership changes the relationship between the company and employee.

Employee ownership is a win-win for people and for business. Wealth Building Employee-owned companies create life-changing wealth for workers and employee-owned certification ensures that companies put people first. Better Environment Broad-based ownership creates alignment up and down the company. Employee-owners benefit from increased respect, trust and job stability. Stronger Performance Employee ownership is a proven model for making companies more successful. EO businesses see increased productivity, growth and engagement. There’s more than one way to be employee-owned Businesses of all types and sizes have become a part of the employee-owned movement. Thanks to its flexible nature, there are many ways to implement employee ownership. Whether a business boasts thousands of employees or just a few, there is an ownership structure that will work.


Customers and consumers formost

What we do is to satisfy the demands of the present and potential customers and consumers.

We show respect to others and treasure different backgrounds, cultures and viewpoints.
Our behaviors must show our honesty, consistent and specialization and our communications are open and direct.


Teamwork spirit
We cooperate and communicate cross the differences in functions, ranks and areas to construct our family, and everybody should be responsible for their behaviors and achievements.

In all fields of our work, we accept innovation and challenge ourselves. Not only should we learn from succeeds, but also from failures.

We should try our best to meet customers and consumers’demands toward our products, services and workers’ quality and specialization.

Practise these values
We will realise our management target and our company will be popular with consumers, customers, workers and society.