FUJI Frenic Lift

                                                       Fuji Frenic LIFT Drives

                                                                                Series for lift and hoisting applications

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Over the years, Fuji Electric has collected a well established know-how of inverters for lift applications. With this focus in mind, we developed a new inverter, specialized in lift applications with all related requirements: FRENIC-Lift. With FRENIC-Lift LM1S, Fuji Electric is well established in the lift industry, and is ready and well-prepared for the European lift market. Like all Fuji Electric inverters, FRENIC-Lift offers a big variety and many possibilities - and of course finest Japanese high quality. FRENIC-Lift is an ideal inverter for nowadays market of lift applications.

Dedicated inverter for lift applications, User friendly, Low maintenance: Long-life design, Speed control accuracy: + 0.01%

Current loop bandwidth: 500 Hz, Powerful: 200% of rated current for 10 s, 4.0 kW to 45 kW (3 ph 400 V supply)

5.5 kW to 22 kW (3 ph 200 V supply), 2.2 kW (1 ph 200 V supply), TP-G1-ELS (multifunctional keypad, 12 languages available)

Fuji Electric vfd FRENIC-Lift has a high performance vector control

Current response (ACR): 500Hz
Speed control accuracy: ±0.01%

High overload capacity

200% of rated current for 10s*2) (Overload begins from 80% continuous operation with a carrier frequency of 10kHz.)

IM/PMSM common drive

A single AC Drive can control an induction motor (open/closed loop control) and a synchronous motor (the optional PG interface card is required).

Fuji Electric drive FRENIC-Lift series model variations

FRENIC-Lift AC Drives are available in a series with capacities ranging from 5.5 to 22kW for three-phase 200V model. 4.0 to 45kW for three-phase 400V model. 2.2kW for single-phase 200V model.

Fuji Electric FRENIC-Lift optimum exclusive design for passenger elevators

Applicable to the feedbacks from various pulse generators

Applicable to the inputs by open collector/complementary output as a standard specification (Encoder power supply is switchable between +12V and +15V.)
Applicable to the inputs from the 5V line driver as an option
Applicable to Sin/Cos, Serial interface (EnDat2.1) and Parallel interface (4-bit gray code, UVM 3-bit code)

Fuji Electric inverter FRENIC-Lift Maintenance functions/ Long life design

DC bus capacitor life: 7 years
Electrolytic capacitor life on the printed circuit boards: 7 years
Cooling fan life: 5 years
Life warning signal
Recording and display of cumulative operating time
Recording and display of cumulative operations

Fuji Electric inverter FRENIC-Lift higher performance


Safety standards EN61800-5-1:2003, EN954-1 Category3
Sink/source switchable
RS-485 communications (Modbus RTU) is adopted as standard equipment.
CAN Bus is adopted as standard equipment.

Fuji Electric frequency inverter FRENIC-Lift Peripheral support tools (Option)

AC Drive support loader software is provided.
A multi-function keypad (with backlit LCD) makes it possible to copy or edit the function code data.

Fuji Electric drive FRENIC-Lift motor capacity


                                                                  Frenic Lift (3 phase 400 V)








time, sec

      (W x H x D), mm
FRN7.5LM1S-4E    7.5kW     18.5A        0-99           220x260x215     1040,00 € + KDV


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